Website Survey


    * In order for your website to be visible on the Internet, it needs to be “hosted” on a web server. If you already have website hosting, we will need access details (hosting company, username, password)
  • Check for availability
  • If you have a specific deadline, please state why.
  • Please include links of sites of your competition.
  • These websites do not have to have anything to do with your business, but could have features you like.
  • Ex. clean, vibrant, fun
  • Ex: Explain your products and services, bring in new clients to your business, provide your customers with information on a certain subject, deliver news or calendar of events, create a blog that addresses specific topics or interests, sell a product or products online, provide support for current clients, etc.
    Need some help getting started on content/navigation? Visit the following links to get started! Website Content Basics: Navigation Basics:
  • You can also contact us about setting up social networking pages for you
  • ex.