The Wedding Show!

10 Jan The Wedding Show!

The Wedding Show! We survived! This year was our FIRST EVER Wedding Show that we exhibited in. And it was scary/terrifying/stressful/awesome/exciting/amazing to say the least. I don’t think we slept for weeks before the show since it was right after Christmas and we were traveling in California for the week before the show. And when we returned- it was crunch time! I think we pulled off our first show the best we could! For this being our first show, I don’t think it could have gone any better! I couldn’t have pulled it off without my amazing husband Tom who worked the show with me for two exhausting days and helped me build the many features of my booth. Here is a behind the scenes look at the show!


The Workers Bees

Tom and I at the booth! Ready for Brides!

The Display

This was the display before and after. I knew I wanted my booth the be rustic and needed a good way to display my invitations. We started with a stack of crates we found on Craigslist. When we got them home, we laid out what the dimensions of the booth would be and stacked them like a giant puzzle until we found a good solution for our display!

The Tabletop Display

Forever Bridal offered vendors the opportunity to create a tabletop display at the show to show off some of their items beyond the booth. Of course, I went rustic with mine. I’ve never been the type for dainty fine china. I bought some items for my table on Etsy because I wanted to support my fellow Etsy Sellers with handmade items. Here’s a look at some of the vendors that made this table possible:

  • Custom Made Burlap Tablecloth with ruffle border: Etsy- Sashesforlove
  • Monogrammed Linen Napkins: Etsy- FarmWalkRoad
  • Plates- World Market. I borrowed these from a friend because I knew they had to go on my tabletop display when I saw them at Thanksgiving.
  • Green Mason Jars- Bed Bath & Beyond- Because who doesn’t want to drink out of sweet mason jars!?
  • Centerpiece- Made by me! It was a piece of wood which was stained, weathered and woodburned with the couple’s name. Then, five holes were drilled into the top and test tubes were inserted to hold the florals (which were bought at Whole Foods). Hit me up if you want me to make you one!
  • Apples with placecards- Made by me! Florals were bought at Whole Foods and inserted into a cored apple. The placecards are custom diecut and printed on a beautiful woodgrain paper. Let me know if you want placecards like these for your wedding!
  • Rustic Luminary Table Numbers– Made by me! The table number is made with real wood veneer wrapped around a glass pillar. The table numbers are diecut into the veneer so that they glow when a candle is inserted into the pillar. Again, let me know if you want these!
  • Menus- Made by me! These are printed on real wood veneer as well and wrapper with twine with a tag that says “menu”. I’d love to make some for you!
  • Chairs– I found these gorgeous antique chairs on Craigslist. During setup for the show, we had two different people approach us as we were unloading the car and offer to buy them!

Want to know any other insider secrets on this tabletop display? Just let me know!

The Love Shelf

I had my husband Tom build this for me as another element to the booth! It made a gorgeous display for my invitations at the Wedding Show.

My gorgeous (random) piece of wood!

I was at the Reuse Warehouse which is an amazing place to find reclaimed lumber with my friend Lenny of Hey Monkey Designs when I was helping him upfit his awesome new studio space. I saw this piece of wood from across the room and knew I had to have it! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but for some reason I needed it. My husband looked at me like I was crazy when he saw it in our car and asked what I needed a random piece of wood for! After looking at it sitting in my room for weeks, I finally knew what it was for. Have you ever worked a tradeshow before? People walk the aisles and slyly check out your booth trying to figure out what you do. I found metal letters on a trip to Hobby Lobby and it became clear what the wood was for.  I decided to use my hunk of wood to make a sign that said “invites” so Brides would know what the heck I did right off the bat and know I was the booth to go to for invitations! I actually had several people ask if I could make them a sign like this for them! The thing about a gorgeous reclaimed piece of wood like this is you can’t find it…it has to find you!

The Table and Sign

These two amazing pieces were made by the talented guys at Raleigh Reclaimed. I originally went into their shop for a few antique tobacco sticks for my 2015 tea towel calendars and came out with a table and sign for my booth! They had these gorgeous slabs of pecan and make these amazing custom tables using reclaimed wood. I knew I needed one for my booth! And it is amazing! The great thing about this piece is it makes a gorgeous table in my house for the times that I’m not using it at a tradeshow so it’s a win-win. Of course everything in my booth had to be handmade and rustic because that’s what I’m all about. God forbid I use *gasp* one of those folding tables they supply you with at the tradeshow. I would never! 😉 The sign they made for me is high quality and came out perfectly. I took it home and handpainted it with my logo. I love the way these pieces looked in my booth!

Brewed Just for You!

My giveaways (until we ran out!) were koozies! Everybody loves these koozies. I made a brochure to put in the koozie diecut into the shape of a bottle and hand lettered a sign on a chalkboard we built to go along with the giveaway. These koozies were created with custom artwork I did but I can make the koozies in all different colors and artwork if you want to use one as an invitation for your next event or as favors at your wedding! Just let me know!

The...stripper pole?

Yes, you heard that right! It was pretty funny to walk into my booth and see a stripper pole set up next to me! It kept us entertained throughout the show- especially people’s reactions when they walked by! The girls at Aradia Fitness were awesome and I have to say- it sounds like a bachelorette party at this place would be a blast!

The Letters

I was contacted by another vendor, Nicole at Orangerie Events, about making some letters for her booth. She had a vision of what she wanted the booth to look like and it came out gorgeous! It was so exciting to make the letters and see the booth all set up. My husband Tom helped me make the letters out of pine wood and they were hung with clear line, creating the amazing 3d effect when set up with the bicycle! Great job on the booth to the girls at Orangerie Events!


Thank you to everyone- vendors, brides, family, friends- that helped make this show such a success! It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of our booth!

Check out all of our pics from the show on Facebook!