Some Random Facts About Myself

14 Jul Some Random Facts About Myself

So…I tend to be an introvert. Because of this, many people have a hard time truly getting to know me. I always think it’s funny when I saw something that completely shocks someone and they say “Tracy…I never thought I’d hear that coming from you!” Today is just a brain dump with a ton of random, completely unmediated facts about myself that come off the top of my head. So…here are some “fun facts” you might not know about me!

  1. My first job out of school was as a Jr. Copywriter at a small advertising agency, Flynn & Friends
  2. My second job out of college was at a Theme Park, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort
  3. While at this job, we had the Orange County Choppers come in to film an episode where they made us a custom bike
  4. I also rode the Ride of Steel over 50 times in a row for an episode of How it’s Made on the Discovery Channels
  5. I met my husband at the Center for Academic Development Services (CADS) at the University of Buffalo prior to starting freshman year
  6. We had to go to CADS since we we may not have had the best grades in high school 😉
  7. My husband and I dated for eight years before getting married in Asheville
  8. I’m from Orchard Park, NY (Buffalo) and moved to Raleigh six years ago.
  9. My first job in Raleigh was leasing apartments and an apartment complex in Raleigh
  10. I’ve worked in a lot of different industries and had a lot of different jobs in my lifetime! I’ve been in restaurants, theme parks, health care organizations, hotels, apartments, software startups…and the list goes on.
  11. My first job at 16 was at Chuck E. Cheese
  12. I was banned from being Chuck E.
  13. I was a terrible Chuck E.!
  14. My favorite food is a Chicken Finger Sub…get a Jim’s Hot Blue if you’re ever in Buffalo! Mmmm…Jim’s
  15. Duffs > Anchor Bar
  16. I have two separate businesses, Autumn Glow Design for wedding and design related services, and Chocolate Chippy, a retail line of animal related items.
  17. I also run a wakeboarding club, NCWakeLife
  18. I love to surf behind our Axis A20 and will get a 360 by the end of this summer
  19. I didn’t choose to be a designer, being a designer chose me
  20. I’m slightly obsessed with my Chocolate Lab, Chip
  21. Chip tends to be an introvert, like me
  22. Chip’s favorite thing to do is swim and we’ll take him on hikes at Falls Lake to swim his heart out and run through the woods
  23. My favorite movie (and the best movie in the history of movies as far as I’m concerned) is Hook
  24. I have a fraternal twin, we were born on the fourth of July, and we’re complete opposites
  25. I have an older sister who is 16 months older then us
  26. I was editor of the school paper in high school, and my twin was a cheerleader
  27. I spent the majority of my childhood playing outside with my neighborhood friends and we had to come back home when the street lights came on
  28. My first time getting stitches was when I almost cut my finger off in my neighbors garage door when it was coming down
  29. My last time getting stitches happened when I stabbed myself in the leg with a stick while doing yardwork and had to have the stick surgically removed!
  30. I broke my wrist skiing and broke my kneecap playing kickball. I’ve since retired from  the dangerous sport of kickball, but continue to ski
  31. I take my dog for a mile walk every morning
  32. I am NOT a morning person…although I’m trying to work on that 😉
  33. I don’t drink alcohol
  34. I drink my coffee black
  35. I’m a terrible dancer
  36. I love taking baths
  37. I read a lot of books
  38. I have traveled a lot and seen a lot of places. My favorite place I visited was Oregon
  39. I graduated from High School and College with my twin right beside me (with the same exact degree)
  40. I hate wearing jeans
  41. I’m legally blind
  42. I love any kind of animal, except caterpillars. I’m terrified of caterpillars
  43. I struggled finding a job I loved, so I just created my own
  44. I’m extremely creative and work best when I’m given free reign over a project
  45. I (obviously) love everything and anything wedding related
  46. Mountains > Sea
  47. I love nature
  48. I love looking at the stars and have seen several pretty amazing meteor showers in my lifetime
  49. I have a bucket list. I crossed off going in a natural hot spring while in Costa Rica last year
  50. The places I most want to visit are Australia and New Zealand
  51. Also on my bucket list: dog sledding, heli-skiing and riding an Ostrich
  52. My dad took us skydiving on our 18th birthday
  53. I’m the Communications Director on the board for AIGA Raleigh (the design association) and I get paid for this job through friendship and support!
  54. Dogs > Cats
  55. I’m a huge Bills and Sabres fans and can’t control my reaction when “SHOUT!” comes on
  56. I suck at math
  57. On my SATS, I scored in the upper 90th percentile in English, and the lowest percentile in Math. Who needs math anyways? 😉
  58. In the summer, you’ll find me on Falls Lake
  59. I love riding roller coasters
  60. Before moving to Raleigh, I spent 5 days with my husband, sister, brother in law and father portaging, canoeing and camping in the Canadian Wilderness of Algonquin
  61. My favorite book is “Just as Long as We’re Together” by Judy Blume and I’ve read it countless times
  62. I don’t mind spending a Friday night alone
  63. I grew up on over forty acres of land in a 100 year old farm house
  64. I love to bake
  65. I love eating and love local restaurants
  66. I eat at Cook Out probably once a week (don’t judge)
  67. I have an insane sweet tooth and would like to have a diet of solely brownies, cookies and ice cream if my body would allow it
  68. I hate exercising and hate the gym
  69. I used to have two Degu, named Jack and Gus, who would escape their cages often and live under my refrigerator.
  70. I owned guinea pigs for many years. My first one when I was little was named Buddy and my last one, Timmy, passed away at 7 years old after we moved to Raleigh.
  71. I used to be a huge tom boy and have never been much of a girly girly
  72. I have a hard time relaxing
  73. I didn’t go to Disney World until I was 26
  74. Sometimes, I partake in interpretive dance
  75. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and people often end up thinking I’m serious
  76. I love board games
  77. I like punk music and my favorite band is Alkaline Trio
  78. Our first dance at our wedding was “Every Thug Needs a Lady” by Alkaline Trio
  79. My first concert was Nine Inch Nails….? Don’t ask
  80. I love to ski
  81. We used to ice skate on our pond growing up. Dad would clear the ice off with the John Deere until he sunk it one year
  82. My first car was a Ford Taurus that I shared with my sisters. RIP Taury =(
  83. I’m a messy person…I like to think it’s the creativeness in me that causes it
  84. I have a two year old nephew, Max, and I think he’s the smartest two year old I know!
  85. I’m terrible with kids…but getting better
  86. I hate the feeling and sound of dry skin. People…please don’t run your dry hands together around me- it drives me crazy!
  87. I feel so lucky that I have some talents that I could make into a job. I love what I do.
  88. Sitting in a cubicle for 4o hours a week is my worst nightmare
  89. I’m always looking to improve and learn.
  90. I’ve been working for myself for a year now, and don’t think I could ever go back to the good ‘ol 9-5
  91. My husband works at Duke in IT and I worked at Duke for awhile and still do some work for them
  92. I love groundhogs and call them “gizzys” I get super excited when I see one since I don’t see them in Raleigh like I did in Buffalo
  93. I HATE mushrooms
  94. I took accelerated art in high school and have always had a calling toward art
  95. My sisters are my best friends
  96. I’ve been through a lot in life and have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today
  97. I give a lot of belly rubs
  98. My favorite season is fall and I’m slightly addicted to pumpkin lattes
  99. If I see a puppy, my heart melts a little
  100. I can’t wait to see where my business and life goes in the next few years!!!!

There you go…100 completely random facts about me 🙂 I hope you got to know me a little better! Feel free to contact me if you want to learn a little more. I’d love to get to know you as well!