08 Oct Raleigh, NC Wedding Invitations

I was really excited when Wedding Lovely asked me to write an entry about wedding invitations in Raleigh, NC for their website. I put a lot of thought into what some of the most important aspects are when picking our your wedding invitations in Raleigh!...

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27 Sep Make it Rain!

My VAE retail window display for my other company, Chocolate Chippy, is up! (yay!!!) As part of the Launch program, each Launcher gets to choose a month to install their window display to display their products. Check out the finished product! I was really happy...

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31 Jul Creative Mornings: Collaborate

As an wedding invitation design in Raleigh, NC, I feel the need to stay connected with the creative community! Imagine how excited I was when I first discovered CreativeMornings! CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Every month they choose a theme and a...

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